Welcome to your November update! In this month’s newsletter, we’re focusing on the most important component of our business model: the customer! Without our customers, we would be nothing. Everything we do at CITYROW is to provide the best customer experience and the safest and most effective workout possible. Read on to hear directly from some of our loyal customers and to learn more about who makes up the core CITYROW clientele.

It's all about the customer

The CITYROW Customer

One of the top concerns for many of our prospective franchisees comes down to one thing: How will I find customers for my studio?

Well, we have some good news for you. When it comes to the fitness industry, boutique fitness is leading the way. Especially as the pandemic continues, boutique fitness centers provide a safe haven for people to come together (while maintaining a safe distance, of course) for exercise and a good time without posing unnecessary risk to their health and safety.

But who are our target customers? It’s important to understand your client base so you can better reach potential members and grow your business. 183 million Americans hold some sort of gym or fitness membership, and our unique program attracts a wide variety of demographics to our studios:

  • The modern mom
  • The boutique fitness buff
  • The cult class fanatic 
  • The low-impact fitness seeker
  • The health-conscious individual
Exercising at CITYROW in a safe and socially distanced environment

The CITYROW customer base is 60-70% female and 30-40% male, which is actually skewed towards male members more than boutique fitness as a whole. People of all ages come to CITYROW, with the majority of our members ranging anywhere from 20-60 years old. Fortunately, our program promotes healthy bodies for life and makes a great exercise option for seniors or those recovering from injuries. 

Client Testimonials

“I used to be a big runner, but started to experience pain during long runs. I love CITYROW because of its mix of low-impact rowing and floor/weight work. The instructors are a big draw as they create a fun atmosphere in class and have fun playlists to keep me jamming through the workout. I like how the format of class changes literally everyday and the monthly finisher keeps me in check with my goals!”

—–Spencer H.

“This low-impact, full-body workout has helped me get stronger and improve my endurance. It helped my knee issues by providing a safe way to strengthen the muscles around them and improved my overall posture by strengthening my core and back muscles. I like how rowing never really gets easy – even after many years, since there’s always room to push harder, lower your split, and cover more meters!”

—–Krishna A.

People of all ages come to CITYROW

“CITYROW has made it so that I’m able to do more in general. I’ve been able to build my core strength and increase my overall muscle without traumatizing my joints with high-impact stuff, and in turn this has made it easier for me to run and jump safely. That’s what I love about CITYROW: wherever you start, whether you are already a hardcore rower who wants to keep in shape during the winter or you are coming back from an injury, you will get stronger – and getting stronger changes your outlook on life.”

—–Slaney R. 

“I started rowing on a whim. Now, over 3.5 years later I’m so glad that I signed up. Rowing is a great workout, and it has been gratifying to see the work I put into the rower result in lower split times and longer distances. However, I think the community at CITYROW is what really sets it apart and is a large contributor to why I row. I love seeing my “crew” every week as we motivate one another to push harder.”

—–Ryan G.

Checking in with the Franchisees

We’ve seen our franchisees continue to drive engagement in creative ways, with pop-up events, themed classes, and more. 
Check out this video of the staff at CITYROW Westlake Village prepping for one of their socially distanced outdoor classes (or see a class in action).

Socially distanced class at CITYROW Westlake Village studio

Our merch game is strong! These high-quality, branded retail items add an additional revenue stream for our franchisees. We’ve got apparel, water bottles, tote bags, socks, and more. Our members love to represent us and spread the word!

High-quality, branded retail items  an additional revenue stream for our franchisees

Founder Helaine Knapp Featured on the Readily Random Podcast

Join Helaine and the Readily Random Podcast as she talks about the origins of CITYROW, our custom WaterRowers, and why CITYROW is the best low impact fitness program around!

CITYROW Founder Helaine Knapp featured on the Readily Random Podcast

Your customers are out there, and as a part of our franchise family, we’ll help you reach them! Want to learn more about the CITYROW Franchise opportunity and the marketing support we provide? Schedule a brief, no-obligation consultation today!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.


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