With COVID-19 sticking around for the summer, we’ve had to make some adjustments here at CITYROW. Our team has been hard at work putting our heads together and developing new ways CITYROW franchise owners can maintain a steady income and keep up membership levels in spite of all of the challenges we’re facing. 

July Studio Trends

  • 5 out of 9 studios that were open pre-COVID have re-opened their doors
  • 66% membership utilization with limited capacity classes (due to social distancing guidelines)
  • 16 classes per week on average

Coming Soon

At CITYROW, we are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to support our franchisees. We have recently rolled out some new and exciting programs to create additional income streams for our franchise owners in light of COVID-related concerns and reduced class capacity.

1. CITYROW Go Access for Gold Members

CITYROW Go is our at-home digital workout subscription. Providing this service as a complement to an in-studio membership is a great value add for members. Having multiple options for taking classes, especially when some people might not feel comfortable returning to the studio, keeps customers engaged with the CITYROW brand and keeps recurring revenue coming in.

2. Open Row

Members can schedule a time to visit the studio and complete any of several weekly challenges independently. The Open Row concept creates more flexibility for clients and provides an opportunity to welcome back members that are not quite ready to return to group fitness. Adding Open Row to the business model increases revenue with little or no additional staffing costs. It also adds an enticing value to our unlimited Gold Memberships.

3. Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classes are a great option for studios that are unable to open due to local regulations. These classes can be regularly scheduled on a weekly basis or can be used as special marketing events. With our pop up kit, classes can be set up just about anywhere it makes sense to do so. 

4. Rent-a-Rower

Our rent-a-rower program gives franchisees an opportunity to monetize rowers not in use as a result of limited capacity classes. This program engages members that are not yet ready to return to the studio and introduces newcomers to the brand. Rower rentals come with complementary CITYROW GO access so participants can get full use of the rowing machine and get even more immersion into the CITYROW brand. 

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