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Virtual Tour


Take a 3D Virtual Tour of a CITYROW Location

Explore our interactive 3D model to see for yourself what your CITYROW fitness franchise location could look like!

Before you franchise a gym or fitness center, you’ll want to consider every detail. At CITYROW, we pride ourselves on our unique and functional studio design. Every aspect of our studio is carefully thought out with the client’s experience in mind. 

Easy check-in, lockers, and water refill stations make gearing up for class a breeze. Across from the check-in desk, you’ll also see our retail rack full of CITYROW gear. Our clients love to represent our brand, and our constantly rotating retail items create a great secondary income stream for your business.

Once clients are ready for class, they will select weights from our beautiful, custom-designed weight rack and select a rower. The CITYROW program combines endurance based, low impact rowing with strength-based exercises to increase strength and mobility. Each rower has an adjacent mat for weight training and mat intervals. Upbeat music is playing throughout the entire class to keep energy levels and motivation high. 

The instructor occupies the rower in the front of the class but regularly floats around the room. They provide personalized instruction, check form, keep clients motivated, and tell them when it’s time to push! After class, clients can record their distance on our famous chalkboard.

AT CITYROW, we don’t have a competitive atmosphere. Instead, our clients are encouraged to always strive to push themselves just a little bit farther to beat their personal records. We are all about strength, community, and results.

CITYROW is a workout that works, but it’s more than just that. It’s a therapy session, an hour spent with friends, and a habit for a healthy life. Our studios are designed to help our clients make the most of the CITYROW experience and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle while having a blast!

If you decide it’s time to own a gym of your own, CITYROW offers an up and coming opportunity that is sure to bring you success and become a great asset to your community.

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